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High Performance Columbus

We offer a comprehensive program for all ages through college. See descriptions below or contact our Junior Program Director for more information. 
All junior programs require a membership. 
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College Prep

Varsity Club

Future Stars

​Designed for players looking to play on their high school team and have goals of playing college tennis. Players are competing in USTA tournaments throughout the month locally or traveling to highter Midwest level USTA tournaments. Most CP players take private lessons. In this program, players are committed and well rounded players getting ready for college tennis.
​Designed for players who have goals to be on their high school team and play club or small college tennis. Players are competing in USTA tournaments locally and throughout the Midwest. Most VC players take private lessons. Players are serious aobut tennis and play year-round.
​Designed for players between 14-18, this group focuses on repetition of fundamentals and continued strategic point play. Some players are competing in local tournaments as well as taking private lessons. These players continue to be well rounded technically and play smart tennis points.
College Prep
Varsity Club
Future Stars

Up and Comers​​

Green Ball​​

Orange Ball

Designed for the 11-13 year old player, fundamentals and strategic point play is the focus in this group. Players use yellow balls, a 25-27 inch racquet and play on a normal 78 foot tennis court.
Green Ball is at the top of our 10 & Under program for players ages 8-10 years old. Players make the transition from a 60' court to a 78' court focusing on fundamentals, more athletic growth and strategic point play. Players compete in tournaments. This group uses a green ball, 25-27 inch racquet and plays on a normal 78' court.
​​In this program, players age 8-10 will make a transition from a 36' court to a 60' court. Clinics focus on repetition of fundamentals, athletic growth and point play. The junior player uses orange balls, a 23-25 " racquet and a 60' court.
Up & Comers
Green Ball
Orange Ball

​​​​Red Ball

​Foam Ball

​​Designed for players ages 6-8, this is the first stage of 10 & under USTA tennis. Players learn the basic shots and learn playing with others. In this program, the love of the game grows with the player while using red balls, a 21-23" racquet and a 36' mini court. 
​For our youngest players ages 4-6, this beginner clinic is for kids interested in learning how to play tennis. Players will learn the basic shots of tennis using general motor and athletic skills.  Players will have lots of FUN through games using a foam ball, 19-23" racquet and a 36' mini tennis court.
Red Ball
Foam Ball

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